Know The Why, The What, and The How of Disruptive Self-Innovation

Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

“If you really want to move the world forward, you need to innovate on the inside — and disrupt yourself”

— Whitney Johnson, HBR

As a full-time working parent, managing home, my child’s virtual educational needs, and pursuing my own part-time education can feel extremely overwhelming. The lovely labor day long weekend is about to end. The new school year starts tomorrow. My car’s lease is ending this month. I have pending bills to pay off, large projects at work to manage and I want to make sure they are executed in time and create the expected impact. My six-year old’s virtual school starts tomorrow, and it is expected that this little child who does not have an attention span of more than 5…

Punit Kaur

Mom to a special one, Product Manager, Graduate Student @ Harvard. I like to learn, get inspired, do things, and then write about them.

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